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ISBN: 9781457515224
34 pages
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About the Book

In this second adventure of the Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog series, our feisty young heroine unexpectedly meets another spirited little frog who also happens to jump, swim, and perch on lily pads and who even lives in Franny’s pond. But this is a frog who also happens to be quite different, and for a while this confuses Franny quite a bit. After a while, though, Franny comes to realize that it’s okay to be different. Friends can come in all colors and sizes. Friends can be funny or serious, musical or athletic, quiet or outgoing. And these differences need to be celebrated, because it’s the differences that make each of us so special.

The author’s aim for this Adventure of Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog is to help kids understand how to connect with others and cultivate happiness. It’s a story about the differences that children perceive and wonder about: differences in appearance – short, chubby, tall, thin – variations in ability, cultural differences. Children will delight in this beautiful, fast-moving story, while adults will appreciate Franny’s message of acceptance, individuality and racial harmony.